Men Razor Blades

Today was the day that I used men razorblades for the first time and will never again buy women’s razor blades. Now I did a comparison, usually I buy the women electric blades for $7 and end up having to buy the extra blades for no less then $13-$14 for 4 blades. Which I always kind of thought was expensive But when I bought these men’s razor blades it came with a least 7 extra blades and cuts the hair more efficiently. Guess how much I paid for the pack, about $7, the same price of one electric razor without any extra blades. I find this astounding. Why do these beauty companies (many I am not going to name) believe that they have the right to charge women more for using the exact same product as men do. But we are deprived of our money and given products with less efficiently and less quantity in the packages. Yet everyday women do not see this distinguish discrimination in the beauty market and needs to become more aware in order for their to be a difference made. I feel that if enough women notice this discrimination and stop buying the pink women blades that cause just as much as regular blade sold to men. The beauty market would notice this and possibly make a change. But I wish that I had only known this sooner, stead of wasting all of money on the same product just because it was for women. And it is not our fault, many women continue doing the same thing, buying razor blades and razor cream weekly or even more sometimes. Women nearly shave just as much as men do, but have to pay for what? For having less razor blades per packages? Are we paying for the pink blades rather then grey ones? I supposed the questions would never really be answered. But I do encourage women to turn away from the expensive pink razor blades and opt in the the men’s razor blades, it more efficient and cheaper! I don’t see a reason why not to switch.


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