What You Didn’t Know About Chocolate

Some of our favorite candy bars come from Hershey’s, Nestle, and Mars. Every since we were little we would ask our mothers to buy it for us, and we grew up around these candy companies for years.

But little did you know that these companies have been holding back a huge secret even I was incredibly shocked by. It may not change the way you feel about buying your favorite candy bars, and it may remain in the back of your mind the next time your out at the store buying candy.

You may or may not know that these companies have such low prices for their products is because they travel to outside of the United States to countries in Africa and others and offer workers long hours and low pay. And many of these workers are children. As for making chocolate many times these children have to travel far on foot, cut down the cocoas, and carry pounds back to the factory to be processes. Children do this day in an day out just to make a living, an just to make sure that we can in indulge in our oh so loved chocolate.


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