The Top That Didn’t Fit So Well: One Size Fits All

Now I know we have came across some stores that many of their clothes is a one size fits all size. Now me being an aspiring model and on the skinnier side, most of the time this works out for, because this “one size fits all” is usually a label for skinner girls. Which I do not like very much. I am a firm believer that if you are a designer or a clothing store, that one size fits all should not being something you should be selling your clothes as. It is basically saying, if you’re not this size, similar to the model wearing it, then too bad you can’t buy this shirt. I see it almost as a way of discrimination. You shouldn’t make something that says one thing and do the complete opposite. There is a video I have watched and it is of a few girls who all have different body types and they try on a piece of clothing that is for one size fits all. On each girl the clothing looks different and sometimes uncomfortable, and nothing how it looked on the model, and the customer is hoping it would fit on them the same way.

But it doesn’t, I encourage you to go to to youtube and watch how all different girls with different body types try one this one shirt that is ONE size. Like who comes up with this size anyways? But this is just another way to separate others rather then celebrating everyone and making them happy and comfortable in their own skin.


4 thoughts on “The Top That Didn’t Fit So Well: One Size Fits All

  1. I hate “one size fits all” I’m not skinny, lets just say curvy but my skinnier friends would show you an outfit and when I say that won’t fit me all you hear is “it will, it’s one size fits all”. there is only so much stretch a material can give ha.

    Oh, I have nominated you for The Liebster Award!! You can check out what to do here 🙂

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