No one left behind?: Cutting off your EX

So this is a bit of a touchy subject, so for some time I have always thought that if you date someone, or had feelings for someone once upon a time, then it was okay for you guys to be friends, only if the both of you are cool with it. I have notice that many of my friends are against the idea of having anything to do with your ex, which I think is reasonable as they have their reasons, but I don’t think its always good to shut people out of your life.

My perspective on the manner is that everyone comes into your life for a reason or another. So yeah it is going to suck when you two people break up or if the person you like ends up not feeling the same way about you, but I feel like that’s not a reason to say hey, I’m going to completely erase you out of my life. Maybe a romantic relationship isn’t the best for the two of you, but a simple friendship, you have all of these great memories with this person, so why not continue it, if they make you happy? Currently I had no hard feelings against my exs, or people I’ve once had feelings for, I think everything happens for a reason, and if you want to still be friends, not right away of course but after some time down the line, then sure. But that is just my opinion on the manner, and everyone thinks differently about it and I find it quite interesting, and would love to know what you guys think about it? Thanks so much for reading!


xoxo Faraji


Our Dirty Little Secrets: Guilty Pleasures

So I know we all have out guilty pleasures that we don’t like to admit that we have but love doing it, even if it’s not the most healthiest or best choice for us. I remember watching an episode of Girl Code (I think), where they all talked about their guilty pleasures, and I remember thinking, wow I don’t have any guilty pleasures, high five to me. NOPE. I have to the conclusion that I have many guilty pleasures, more then I am probably aware of. Two of my biggest ones is Cupcakes and French Fries. If I were stuck on a island with not much else to eat, I will be able to eat those two things for awhile! I love making and eating cupcakes (even thought I get picky). But everyone knows that they aren’t the most nutritious little treat, but I’m in love with them. More recently I have notice I have craving for French fries, more then the average person, lol, I hate to admit it but it’s true, I’ve been trying to cutback and look for other potatoes alternatives lol. But what are some of your guilty pleasures, if you know of any ha. Thanks lots for reading!!


Xoxo Faraji

Am I Pretty Enough?: Criticism behind makeup

Hey lovelies,

So recently I had watched a video on Facebook about a girl who was addressing issues about how people in society criticize people who wear “too much makeup”.

Which I think is a great topic to discuss because it seems as if its becoming a growing issue. Many men in particular say that women wear too much makeup, and when they take it off they look like they are a “different person”. Yes I do agree that makeup is there to help enhance a persons features and not turn them into someone else, which is what many people exaggerate on. Personally I love makeup, and I love experimenting and trying new things, to me makeup is an art, and its something for people to help them gain more confidence in themselves,  its something they enjoy doing, or simply because they love the art of makeup. And no one should be judged for something that they like doing, honestly seeing videos of people attacking others just because they wear make up or “too much makeup” isn’t really non of their business, its your opinion, but you shouldn’t make anyone feel bad about themselves.

It is a issue still going on, and I hope more videos surface defending those who are being attack and it ends soon, because its really nonsense.


xoxo, Faraji

Girl Code: Sistas Before Mistas


I know this a bit different then what I normally write about, but I was inspired recently! I was out having fun with some of my girlfriends and guys keep trying to “talk” to us, then I came up with an idea to write about some basic girl codes, nearly all girlfriends have!

  1. Please don’t leave me alone!
    1. This is what I think is creepy, lol we come out to have a good time with each other! so no girl is left behind!! If so who know who is going to talk to them and and try to hit on them, with no not to rescue them! Also theres always the chance of getting separated!!
  2. Be Honest
    1. We have have our group/single girlfriends(boyfriends) that we trust and share everything with, that’s why we’re friends duh. But if my hairs messed up, food in my teeth, or if you think my shirt is on inside out, please let me know. We’re all here to depend on each other and look out for each other
  3. Creepy Guys are a No Go!
    1. If you see a guy is trying to talk to me/ hit on me and I give you “the look” Im asking you to come to the rescue!! Pull me away or something! I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me! 90% of the time my girlfriends have gotten the hit and came to pull me away from the guy, but very few times I tried my best to turn the guy down, which I am very bad at!!
  4. Girls Night Are A Must
    1. every now and then you need a break from school, work, your boyfriend or husband, and hanging out with the ladies are always a good time and a stress reliever, and helps you talk about situations you’ve got going on, or just someone there to hear you out. If you and your girlfriends don’t have a girls night out I would highly suggest it! It’s always the best!!

Thats just a few girl codes that I have with my girlfriends, definitely not what everyone does, but I suggest it! And I love sharing! If you like post along these lines(lifestyle type). Please let me know and I’ll do more in the future! Thanks for Reading

xoxo Faraji

Quote Of The Day

” To me, Fearless is not the absense of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.”- Taylor Swift

She has a song called fearless, and I absolutely love the meaning behind it! Part of the reason why I choose my twitter name, RAWRfearless_

I think everyone should live in this kind of mindset and she says it so nicely, hope you enjoy!! And listen to some T-Swizzle!

xoxo Faraji

My 5 Beauty Essentials!

Now I know we all have some products we CAN NOT live without. So I thought I’d share some of my most stable products that I always have in my make set or in my bathroom. Hope you enjoy!!




#1 BubbleGum Lip Scrub by Lush


So my lips tend to get dry especially when it gets cold outside! I love using this lip scrub and then putting some lip balm, then putting lipstick or lip gloss or just rocking the lip balm. The lip scrub comes in a bunch of yummy flavors that you can lick off after, or what I like to do sometimes is putting warm on my lips after scrubbing and that helps to lock in some moisture as well!

#2 Sephora  Classic Eyeliner


Now I have tried A lot of eyeliners and this is probably one of my favorites. I always get a nice black line and don’t have to go over it many times or not at all. As well as it gives me a lot of control, it is a stiff tip and not flimsy like some other eyeliners, and I would say last a pretty decent amount of time. The one I have now is from December and I am just about to go buy another one! So I would totally recommend it!


#3 Nivea Cocoa Butter Lotion


As you all know, we are just getting over winter(some of us still experiencing it). But I moisture every time I get out of the shower, sometimes even twice a day! But I always need a good lotion, and Nivea has always been pretty good when it comes to lotion. You don’t have to put a lot, doesn’t make you feel greasy at all, Which I absolutely hate feeling oily and icky. But its not expensive at all, lasts a while since you don’t have to put too much on. So I would say go to Target and get a bottle!

#4 Victoria’s Secret- Secret Escape Body Mist


Now I haven’t tried a bunch of body mists and perfumes from Victoria secret, but I’ve smelled many lol. But this is my fave! It was actually a gift from my grandma, and she made a pretty awesome choice. I sprayed right after the shower or right before I head out of the door somewhere. It doesn’t last that long because it is a mist, but I love the scent, and would recommend it!


#5 Maybelline- Mega Plush Mascara



Last, but not least, is the Mega Plush Mascara, I know that it is an older mascara, and you may have forgotten all about it, but I love this mascara, I think it’s probably the Brush that does it for me, and when it dries, it doesn’t dry flaky and hard like some other mascaras. It isn’t my absolute favorite, but I love pairing this one up with other mascaras or just wearing it by itself when I don’t want to wear too much makeup. If you’re looking to try a inexpensive mascara, I would recommend this one.

Online Fashion Stores You Don’t Know About

Now I know we all love to do some online shopping from time to time, if we don’t feel like going to the mall and waiting in long lines. Let me not get started on how messy the stores can get!

I’m here to share with you some pretty awesome fashion websites you might not have heard of before! They’re great some websites many times have free shipping and  additional discounts! Not only that but many of these websites have styles that are trending and unique! Maybe be a bit better then shopping at H&M or Forever 21

Check them out and let me know what you think!

I’ve actually just ordered some new dresses and a top from here. Hope everything fits well. I’m Pretty excited

Love the style this website sales, still haven’t had then chance to buy anything yet, but I am planning to in the near future!

Great place for dresses and urban tops. I always look on this website every other week. They are always getting are items!

Great place for Heels! I remember my roommate telling me about this website, when I was looking to get some new combat boots on a budget! Great decision


xoxo Faraji