Am I Pretty Enough?: Criticism behind makeup

Hey lovelies,

So recently I had watched a video on Facebook about a girl who was addressing issues about how people in society criticize people who wear “too much makeup”.

Which I think is a great topic to discuss because it seems as if its becoming a growing issue. Many men in particular say that women wear too much makeup, and when they take it off they look like they are a “different person”. Yes I do agree that makeup is there to help enhance a persons features and not turn them into someone else, which is what many people exaggerate on. Personally I love makeup, and I love experimenting and trying new things, to me makeup is an art, and its something for people to help them gain more confidence in themselves, ย its something they enjoy doing, or simply because they love the art of makeup. And no one should be judged for something that they like doing, honestly seeing videos of people attacking others just because they wear make up or “too much makeup” isn’t really non of their business, its your opinion, but you shouldn’t make anyone feel bad about themselves.

It is a issue still going on, and I hope more videos surface defending those who are being attack and it ends soon, because its really nonsense.


xoxo, Faraji


4 thoughts on “Am I Pretty Enough?: Criticism behind makeup

  1. I agree! Makeup is such a special part of how I like to look–hair, makeup, clothes, it’s all part of my personal style! I used to get a lot of judgement from people for it, but I kept wearing it bc it made me happy!

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