Our Dirty Little Secrets: Guilty Pleasures

So I know we all have out guilty pleasures that we don’t like to admit that we have but love doing it, even if it’s not the most healthiest or best choice for us. I remember watching an episode of Girl Code (I think), where they all talked about their guilty pleasures, and I remember thinking, wow I don’t have any guilty pleasures, high five to me. NOPE. I have to the conclusion that I have many guilty pleasures, more then I am probably aware of. Two of my biggest ones is Cupcakes and French Fries. If I were stuck on a island with not much else to eat, I will be able to eat those two things for awhile! I love making and eating cupcakes (even thought I get picky). But everyone knows that they aren’t the most nutritious little treat, but I’m in love with them. More recently I have notice I have craving for French fries, more then the average person, lol, I hate to admit it but it’s true, I’ve been trying to cutback and look for other potatoes alternatives lol. But what are some of your guilty pleasures, if you know of any ha. Thanks lots for reading!!


Xoxo Faraji


2 thoughts on “Our Dirty Little Secrets: Guilty Pleasures

  1. My guilty pleasure is DEFINITELY online shopping. I love to create lists of what I want to buy, browse for items, and of course SPEND MONEY. haha It’s totally a pleasure and I’m totally guilty of it!


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