Hairfinity Review!

Hey Hey! So last summer, I cut my hair pretty short, and nearly freaked out because I’ve never cut my hair so short, it was in a pixie ish cut. But I learned to like it and live with it lol. But I wanted to grow my hair out happy and healthy, like anyone else wants to! But it is a lot of work. And it has almost been a year will be this coming August and I would say it grown quite a bit, but not as much as I would like. But a few month ago, probably in January or February my mom sent me a bottle of hair infinity (and a new hair dryer yay) and I was a bit excited to try them, because I had heard a lot about them on social media, especially pinterest. So I have been taking them pretty consistently for about 3 months and I do like the results I am seeing. My hair does seem stronger, and grow a little but faster, nothing crazy. But I have noticed some significant differences in the growth and strength in my nails. I’ve never really had a problem growing my nails; it was always maintaining them so that they don’t break. Ever since then my nails have been stronger and longer then ever! So far I am liking the results I am getting from taking them, may do an update with I finish the bottle or end up seeing other results. Hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks


Xoxo Faraji


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