Why Can’t I find the Blue Bin?: Recycling


So this is a major issue to me, and always has been since I was younger, so much that I would send letters to the mayor when I was little. I just have always had a soft spot for the environment and probably always will. Anyways something that I had notice to encourage me to send those letters when I was younger is because I am a HUGE advocate for recycling, and when I wanted to recycle in my own neighborhood I couldn’t unless I had my own bag and brought it to the nearby recycling facility. Which I was fine with until I notice when I would go in other neighborhoods, those where there were more wealthier people; they had a garbage bin as well as a blue recycling bin. This had me question a lot of things and was very curious. Why were some people able to recycle so much more easily then others? Why can’t everyone have the option to recycle as well, we all live on the same planet, and use the same everyday materials? So I didn’t see the connection and wanted to see a change. But of course at my age many people wouldn’t listen to me. But that didn’t stop me, as I got older I joined the conservation club, planted things around the city as well as helped clean the city. I felt as if it was my duty in addition to everyone else is we make a mess then we need to clean it. But not everyone thinks a long those lines and I wish they did, before it becomes too late. Even to this day I continue to me an advocate for then environment and encourage others to do the same. We should all be encouraging each other, and it could simply begin with everyone having the option to recycle or not, because how are we going to make a change if we all don’t work together?

Thank for reading

xoxo Faraji


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