In Love With Redken!

Hello my lovelies πŸ™‚

So today I am going to talking about a few products that I have been trying out for a few months, and have fallen in love with them. Now I cut my hair almost a year ago now very short, and am trying to grow it back out happy and healthy, and it is still pretty short but my hair is a lot stronger and healthier I believe due to the the help of RedKen!


RedKenSoft Conditioner


So Redken has just came out with a new line of products, and they all follow a theme of Soft, to help keep your hair soft and healthy. So I thought that I would give it a shoot, especially since I am always in the market for a new conditioner. I could say that it is one of my favorite conditioners as the moment. The softness doesn’t just last when I rinse out the product and step out of the shower, but for the next few days I still feel that difference in my hair. Which is Pretty awesome I must say and I would recommend going to check it out if you are looking for a new conditioner. So next time I do go to Ulta, I would be more curious to try out their other products from the Soft line.


Redken Leave in Conditioner: extreme antisnap



This product has become a stable in my hair routine( which I should post about soon!) I shortly began using this when I cut my hair and immediately felt a difference. It made my hair feel stronger and healthier, I believe that there is a good dose of protein as well to help make your hair stronger. Short story, I was traveling back from Chicago to Austin and forgot that I had my leave in conditioner in my carry on, and unfortunately had to throw it away. So I was without the conditioner for about and week and my hair felt more dry then usual. So I HAD to go to Ulta to buy a new bottle. So I am super grateful my hair stylist recommended this leave in for me. So if your hair is weak, and/or you’re looking for a product to make your hair stronger and healthier. I definitely recommend this product!


RedKen Protein wash-out Conditioner


This product I simply stubbled upon, I was buying some new products from Ulta and was having a buy 2 Redken products and get one free, I couldn’t pass it up and saw that they had another protein based product and decided to try it out. It is something I haven’t had before. So you wash your hair and I spray it on before I put on my conditioner and then ill wash both the “leave in” and conditioner out at the same time. It is supposed to give you an extra boost of protein. I haven’t seen much changes to my hair since. Maybe I need to try it out for a few more month? But it is an interesting product.

But let me know if you have tried any of these products! If so, are you in love with them just as much as I am or a different experience?

Thanks so much for reading!!

xoxo Faraji







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