H&M: Sustainability Campagin

Hey Hey,

So you or may not know that H&M has released a new collection recently, and yet again it is focused on sustainability in our environment. Which I love the combination personally, H&M is my favorite store overall, great price and great style. As well as I am an environmentalist so knowing that my favorite store is trying to do good for the environment has my heart melting.

But H&M has received a lot of backfire on their campaign. This is their 5th time around launching a sustainability collection, this time with goals of reaching 1,000 tons of clothes donated from customers. Which is a far fetched goal to reach especially with constraints in less then a months time. Including there have been arguments that H&M may be taking away from thrift store such as the goodwill, when it comes to cloth donations. I’m not entirely sure the impact H&M would have on thrift stores, but there may be an effect. They have continue to fail with their goals, but having hopes to reach their goal, and not giving up on holding sustainability near and dear to their brand and mission.

So I love the idea and hope the best for H&M, but for sure they should not be bashed for launching a sustainable line, along with goals of collecting so many tons of clothes from customers. I do believe that H&M need to make their target audience much more clearer and targeting them more aggressively when it comes to campaigns they are running. Because I have just found out about it from a business article attacking their campaign. But I do not think that H&M goals are impossible, some flaws yes, but everyone makes mistakes and need to learn from them. I love H&M and will support them, especially when they are promoting sustainability in the environment.

Let me know what you think on the issue?

Thanks for reading!!!

xoxo Faraji


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