Festival Season Tips: Coachella,Lollapalooza, EDC…

Hey Hey,

so we all know that school is coming to a close soon, and we are all getting ready for music festivals this summer! I know I’m excited and hope you are too. So I’ve decided to share some music festivals with you, along with some fashion trends that help make a statement. I hope you enjoy


I pretty major fest that I know happens in Brasil and in the states in Chicago. I’ve gone for 2 years now going on 3! And here are some of my outfits! The overalls and minion shirt was super cute, comfy, and trendy, I had gotten compliments on my outfit that I wasn’t expecting! So I suggest if you’re already thinking of what to wear to your next festival, overalls are super versatile and nearly an entire outfit on its own!

Some other suggestions I have is, light and flowy tops, being in the crowd surrounded by people makes you pretty hot, especially on hot summer sun is beating down on you. Bralettes for sure are a go-to for me, because they are cute, not too tight or weighing me down. Also I notice too many people tend to wear sandals at festivals, which I have never done, more likely for someone to step on your toes (no fun), also there’s hardly any support for walking,jumping, and dancing around all day! So for sure I would suggest gym shoes! or anything close enough so that your feet are protected and your feet are not arching halfway though the day. Lastly, its totally not necessary but fun! I always either go and get some henna done, rhinestones, or temporary tattoos with cool designers. Just to jazz up your outfit and make things a bit more fun!

Hope you’ll think about attending a music festival this summer! Definitely a way to destress after the school year!



Music Festivals you may or may not have heard of

Spring Awakening-Chicago

EDC-Las Vegas


Euphoria- Austin

Ultra Music Fest- Miami

Free Press Summer Fest-Houston

FireFly Music Fest-Denver

Electric Forest- Michigan





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