The Unspoken Language: Sign Language

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Apologies for being away from you all for so long, I’ve been crazy busy with ending school, new jobs, and modeling! Anyways I’m back with some pretty awesome content!

So I know this is not business or beauty/fashion related but I was really inspired the other day at work when a deaf customer came in. She was ordering her books and some things for cooking. Anyways she came in and pointed to hear, meaning that she wasn’t able to hear or talk. So we ended up doing many gestures and writing down some things, to make sure she was taken care of. But I was thinking to myself, if  I knew sign language I could make things so much easier for her.

Along those lines I was thinking, not many people consider learning sign language. It isn’t taught in schools to much, nor it is something someone tell you when applying for a position. Typically is do you know Spanish, French or Mandarin? But what about sign language what if you have a client or customer who doesn’t speak at all? I just feel as though it is not taken as seriously as other languages, and I feel like it should. Especially me being an international business major currently in school, I have a very strong passion for languages and cultures all over the world. So I am eventually going to make a commitment to learning sign language. You never know where you are going to be working, and who you are going to be encountering on a daily basis.

Apologies for the rant, and being “off topic”, but I just wanted to address an issue I feel not many talk about or even acknowledge.

Thanks for reading as always!

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Skirts and Sneakers

Jaclyn DeMuro

I am wearing my Mimu Maxi skirt leggings and I couldn’t help but style them with sneakers, once again. I am so glad that sneakers are basically replacing heels for the moment because that’s what you need when your a Mother. Especially a boy mom. Always chasing after your little nugget and playing, NON-STOP. And I mean non-stop. I feel mom guilt when I have to do dishes or any cleaning because Mase is always ready to play. Okay back to the outfit, I originally wanted to wear this long plaid duster buttoned with combat boots but that’s for another day. I can’t stray from these skirt leggings. They really are the most comfortable thing on the planet. I love that they can be dressed up or down. I was not asked to style these twice, I honestly just live in them now. I know I have struck gold when…

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NYX Review!

Hey Hey!

SO Sorry its been a minute since I posted a beauty article ( school is finally over yay).

So I am here to share with you of course of lip products. So far some time matte lips are all about the rave, and I’m here to talk to you about some good and inexpensive lip creams by NYX. I had discovered them about a year ago, when I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try a matte dark purple lip cream which is the one on the far left called Transylvania, and when I first tried it I feel in love!!


It compliments me so well, and I believe could go well with so many skin complexions, and I highly recommend them! So of course I had to try other lip creams in the matte collection, and this is when I picked up San Paulo which is the middle pink one, and Monte Carlo which is the far right red one. I love all of them and they last a few hours before you need to reapply.

I wear them out all the time and sometime get compliments ;). So if you’re in the market for a new matte lipgloss and want to try something different and not spend $20 on a lip stick. Check out NYX soft matte lip creams! With only $6 a piece. I do want to get more in the collection and also check out their NYX lingerie collection since I’ve heard good things!

Thanks so much for reading!! Tell me your experiences with NYX!

Promise you’ll hear from me soon!