The Unspoken Language: Sign Language

Hey Hey my lovelies,

Apologies for being away from you all for so long, I’ve been crazy busy with ending school, new jobs, and modeling! Anyways I’m back with some pretty awesome content!

So I know this is not business or beauty/fashion related but I was really inspired the other day at work when a deaf customer came in. She was ordering her books and some things for cooking. Anyways she came in and pointed to hear, meaning that she wasn’t able to hear or talk. So we ended up doing many gestures and writing down some things, to make sure she was taken care of. But I was thinking to myself, if  I knew sign language I could make things so much easier for her.

Along those lines I was thinking, not many people consider learning sign language. It isn’t taught in schools to much, nor it is something someone tell you when applying for a position. Typically is do you know Spanish, French or Mandarin? But what about sign language what if you have a client or customer who doesn’t speak at all? I just feel as though it is not taken as seriously as other languages, and I feel like it should. Especially me being an international business major currently in school, I have a very strong passion for languages and cultures all over the world. So I am eventually going to make a commitment to learning sign language. You never know where you are going to be working, and who you are going to be encountering on a daily basis.

Apologies for the rant, and being “off topic”, but I just wanted to address an issue I feel not many talk about or even acknowledge.

Thanks for reading as always!

xoxo Faraji


One thought on “The Unspoken Language: Sign Language

  1. I was just talking about sign language today with my sister! I have an 8 month old daughter and I had been considering starting her off with sign language since she is too young to use spoken words. The only thing that stopped me was that I heard sometimes babies will start relying on their sign language skills, and put off learning to talk because they don’t need it! Cute! I really want her to learn to speak, but I have to say that it would be pretty amazing if she could communicate in signs with me at this age. Thanks for sharing!
    I saw you were one of my blog followers (which I appreciate SO MUCH) and I just wanted to let you know I moved to a new blog place: And it would mean so much to me if you followed me there!


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