Child Labor Ban!

Hey Hey lovelies,

doing a more business related post today. So I made a post a few months back about some very popular companies who had child labor works in there production chain. One huge company that I focused on that shocked me the most was Nestle. Which everyone is very familiar with and there is about a 98% chance you have brought something from Nestle without even knowing it! I was mortified that these major companies that have products not in just one field but has varieties of products across all kinds of fields. Just to cut back on costs, make sure they are making the most money find ways to “save” by having child labor works in 3rd world countries.



It is a horrible to think about, and now when I go to the stores to buy something, this is exactly what is in the back of my mind. Which is why I have very excited and glad that Obama has recognized this problem and how serious it is. And has now banned all companies from having any traces of child labor workers in their chain of production. Even though it should not have been there in the first place. There was a problem, that was hidden and hardly ever talked about, which is now in the process of being resolved, and I believe that it should have more awareness and recognition.


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