Top 5 Makeup Products I Want to Try

Hey lovelies!

So as you know the holiday season is upon us, and everyone is getting their wish list together! So I have put together a list of a few things I would like to purchase this holiday season. ( Or wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift as well). I would love to hear feedback and recommendations of some the products, I’m going to list since I’ve never tried them before!


                  Anastasia Beverly Hills- Modern Renaissance Palette


So I recently discovered this palette while just looking around on Sephora’s site and fell in love with the combination of colors.

                                            Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush


So I have heard so many good things about the clay blushes from Tarte and I’ve only heard good things about them and super excited to try a few different colors.




So I’ve been wanting to try a YSL lipstick for awhile, it is a bit pricy but I love the color selection and the packaging is beautiful.



                                          Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


I’m not great with doing my brows and want to invest a nice pencil to fill them in, and of course I have heard that this is everyone’s go product for brows. Also if you have any other suggestions for brow products let me know!

Tarte’s Tarlette Palette


I have been eyeing this palette for the longest time! And am eager to pick it up in the next few weeks, All of the colors are the typical colors I wear, and I haven’t tried anything by Tarte yet and am super excited! If you have this palette let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Maybe you got some ideas of products you may want to try or you already have an opinion on them, which I want to hear! Or tell me some products you’ve been meaning to pick up! Until next time

XOXO Faraji










Winter/Fall Beauty Tips

Lip Scrub

As we approach the colder weather, our lips tend to get chapped a lot more easily. Me for one always have a problem with chapped lips especially in the cold weather. So taking some steps can help keep our lips moistured. One thing is to scrub your lips before applying lip balm. The one I like to use is from lush, and it has lasted for a while now. I have a jar from around April/May and its still not have way empty. So it is a good investment and tasty as they come in different flavors. So what I like to do while doing my makeup and use the lips scrub and wash it off with warm water and it makes them softer after using the scrub. Then Ill go ahead and apply lip balm and continue my makeup routine.


Stay Away From Hot Water

Taking frequent hot showers, or washing your face with hot water often, can take out the essential oils that our skin naturally produces. If this turn out to be then case, then you will always have dry skin, and dry skin and cold water is a uncomfortable. The best way to prevent this in the colder months is to use lukewarm water, stay hydrated, and make sure you moisturizer to keep your skin glowing and hydrated, which of course if always a good foundation before starting your makeup.


Smokey Eye

In the warmer months we don’t tend to go some much for bolder colors as apposed to the colder months. So smokey eyes are very trendy and if you don’t normally wear darker colors, this would be the perfect time to try it out.


Deep condition more often

Not only do our lips get dry due to the colder weather but our hair gets dry more frequently. So to keep our locks nice and moistured, try attempting to deep condition, once to twice a week depending on your hair type.


Bronzer is everyone’s Best Friend

In the cooler months, everyone loses their summer tan, and to help keep that glow, bronzer is keep, especially those who tend to have a more paler skin tone.

Let me know some of your routine changes when the weather starts getting colder out!

xoxo Faraji

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Fall Tips!!

Maroon/ Burgundy is the color of the season:

So I already wear maroon A LOT but in the fall is the perfect time to take out the darker colors. Maroon sweaters, shirts, and of course lip colors. I feel as though this color can go with so many skin complexions and tones, that is one reason I absolutely love the color. If you were like me a few years ago, and was scared of bold dark colors. Don’t Be! Take the risk and do it!


Cool Tones

What I tend to gravitate more towards is cooler tones of eye shadows as the weather cools down. Instead of going for bright colors, such as pinks, purples, and reds, instead I go for the variations of browns and taupes ( which are also some of my favorite). It overall just gives a softer, cooler look. Which I believe is perfect for the fall and winter.


Moisture is key

As the weather is cooling down, this tends to make our skin more dry compared to the summer. So don’t forget your face moisturizer with SPF of course, to protect your skin. This not only helps your face stay hydrated but also sets a good foundation before starting your makeup. Not only for your skin but don’t forget to buy some lip balm as well!


Matte looks for the win

In the summer we tend to go for a glowing look and looks beautiful of course. But when we get into the cooler months, a matte foundation and not so much of a dewy glow looks nice. Bronzer and contouring is done a bit more heavier for a bolder more constructed look, in comparison to the winter


Peachy Blushes

In the warmer months, the brighter pinks are more popular and give a wonderful pop when it is hot out. But in autumn since we are going for a warmer look, bronzer looks great without any blush. Or a warmer blush such as a light peachy color. It gives just enough flush of color but is not too much or overwhelming.

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