Fall Tips!!

Maroon/ Burgundy is the color of the season:

So I already wear maroon A LOT but in the fall is the perfect time to take out the darker colors. Maroon sweaters, shirts, and of course lip colors. I feel as though this color can go with so many skin complexions and tones, that is one reason I absolutely love the color. If you were like me a few years ago, and was scared of bold dark colors. Don’t Be! Take the risk and do it!


Cool Tones

What I tend to gravitate more towards is cooler tones of eye shadows as the weather cools down. Instead of going for bright colors, such as pinks, purples, and reds, instead I go for the variations of browns and taupes ( which are also some of my favorite). It overall just gives a softer, cooler look. Which I believe is perfect for the fall and winter.


Moisture is key

As the weather is cooling down, this tends to make our skin more dry compared to the summer. So don’t forget your face moisturizer with SPF of course, to protect your skin. This not only helps your face stay hydrated but also sets a good foundation before starting your makeup. Not only for your skin but don’t forget to buy some lip balm as well!


Matte looks for the win

In the summer we tend to go for a glowing look and looks beautiful of course. But when we get into the cooler months, a matte foundation and not so much of a dewy glow looks nice. Bronzer and contouring is done a bit more heavier for a bolder more constructed look, in comparison to the winter


Peachy Blushes

In the warmer months, the brighter pinks are more popular and give a wonderful pop when it is hot out. But in autumn since we are going for a warmer look, bronzer looks great without any blush. Or a warmer blush such as a light peachy color. It gives just enough flush of color but is not too much or overwhelming.


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