5 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Down

Hey all, so I decided to write this article because I feel like mental health is just as important as physical health and it is over looked or looked down upon often. I have recently came out of a long period of depressive thoughts and not thinking positive. So I thought I’d share some tips that I remind myself every time I’m feeling down or just thinking negative thoughts.

  • Your Goals and Aspirations
    • We all have some kind of goal in mind whether is be short term or something in the far future. Remind yourself why you’re getting up early each morning to go to school and taking countless classes. Remind yourself why you didn’t  splurge on that new purse you saw in the mall or that new car you have been eyeing. It is cause we all have something we are ultimately trying to reach. For me as a college student, one of my goals consist of graduating with good grades, and figuring out what I’m going to do after college. So I always remind myself of my future and the things I want to do both short and long term, to help keep me afloat.
  • Your Family and Friends
    • We all have people that we hold closely to our hearts and that we love dearly. Once in awhile when we are feeling upset or just can’t seem be to happy, reach out to someone that you trust, just to vent and talk about your feelings. Talking aloud about what you’re feeling has always helped me feel better. Plus it is always a good reminder to know that the people around you care about you and will always support you even in hard times.
  • Qualities about yourself
    • Everyone has their flaw and faults, and at times that’s all we can see or think about, and we don’t give much thought to what makes us unique and special. Think of compliments others have given you, such as did you get an A on that philosophy paper? Or did you receive a bonus at work recently because you have been working extra hard? Sometimes others can see our qualities better then we can. So it helps a lot either sit down and think about our qualities and the special things that others see in us, or even write everything down, so that you can come back to it and remind yourself of all of these positive things.
  • Hobbies
    • This has helped me numerous times take my mind off of something that was making me upset or drown out the negative thoughts. Find something that you really love doing simply for the passion of it. Trust me it’ll help you feel better because you are spending time doing something you love and you’re not thinking so much about whatever is putting you in a sad mood. For me, some of the things I love doing is blogging (of course), playing soccer, listening to music, and sometimes sketching. In addition if you don’t have a hobbie or you want to try something new, this is a great excuse to find something new. Try a new sport, go to yoga, or even try an art class!
  • Write it all down
    • Even if you don’t like writing or don’t see yourself as a good writer, it doesn’t matter. Being able to vent to yourself and go though all of your thoughts help you think more clearly and deeply about what has you down and solutions to making things better. As well as it helps you discover and learn about yourself. So I would suggest buying a journal or if not, if you having a few sheets of paper lying around, use that to write down your thoughts. Of course you wouldn’t need to show your writing to anyone, but yourself. You’re own personal journal that you can go back to anytime, and even to toss those bad thoughts away. Its up to you.

I want to thank you for reading and hope that some of my tips are of some use to you 🙂

xoxo Faraji


My Body is My Business | Feminism #3 — JustAverageTeenMe

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Child Labor Ban!

Hey Hey lovelies,

doing a more business related post today. So I made a post a few months back about some very popular companies who had child labor works in there production chain. One huge company that I focused on that shocked me the most was Nestle. Which everyone is very familiar with and there is about a 98% chance you have brought something from Nestle without even knowing it! I was mortified that these major companies that have products not in just one field but has varieties of products across all kinds of fields. Just to cut back on costs, make sure they are making the most money find ways to “save” by having child labor works in 3rd world countries.



It is a horrible to think about, and now when I go to the stores to buy something, this is exactly what is in the back of my mind. Which is why I have very excited and glad that Obama has recognized this problem and how serious it is. And has now banned all companies from having any traces of child labor workers in their chain of production. Even though it should not have been there in the first place. There was a problem, that was hidden and hardly ever talked about, which is now in the process of being resolved, and I believe that it should have more awareness and recognition.

The Unspoken Language: Sign Language

Hey Hey my lovelies,

Apologies for being away from you all for so long, I’ve been crazy busy with ending school, new jobs, and modeling! Anyways I’m back with some pretty awesome content!

So I know this is not business or beauty/fashion related but I was really inspired the other day at work when a deaf customer came in. She was ordering her books and some things for cooking. Anyways she came in and pointed to hear, meaning that she wasn’t able to hear or talk. So we ended up doing many gestures and writing down some things, to make sure she was taken care of. But I was thinking to myself, if  I knew sign language I could make things so much easier for her.

Along those lines I was thinking, not many people consider learning sign language. It isn’t taught in schools to much, nor it is something someone tell you when applying for a position. Typically is do you know Spanish, French or Mandarin? But what about sign language what if you have a client or customer who doesn’t speak at all? I just feel as though it is not taken as seriously as other languages, and I feel like it should. Especially me being an international business major currently in school, I have a very strong passion for languages and cultures all over the world. So I am eventually going to make a commitment to learning sign language. You never know where you are going to be working, and who you are going to be encountering on a daily basis.

Apologies for the rant, and being “off topic”, but I just wanted to address an issue I feel not many talk about or even acknowledge.

Thanks for reading as always!

xoxo Faraji

H&M: Sustainability Campagin

Hey Hey,

So you or may not know that H&M has released a new collection recently, and yet again it is focused on sustainability in our environment. Which I love the combination personally, H&M is my favorite store overall, great price and great style. As well as I am an environmentalist so knowing that my favorite store is trying to do good for the environment has my heart melting.

But H&M has received a lot of backfire on their campaign. This is their 5th time around launching a sustainability collection, this time with goals of reaching 1,000 tons of clothes donated from customers. Which is a far fetched goal to reach especially with constraints in less then a months time. Including there have been arguments that H&M may be taking away from thrift store such as the goodwill, when it comes to cloth donations. I’m not entirely sure the impact H&M would have on thrift stores, but there may be an effect. They have continue to fail with their goals, but having hopes to reach their goal, and not giving up on holding sustainability near and dear to their brand and mission.

So I love the idea and hope the best for H&M, but for sure they should not be bashed for launching a sustainable line, along with goals of collecting so many tons of clothes from customers. I do believe that H&M need to make their target audience much more clearer and targeting them more aggressively when it comes to campaigns they are running. Because I have just found out about it from a business article attacking their campaign. But I do not think that H&M goals are impossible, some flaws yes, but everyone makes mistakes and need to learn from them. I love H&M and will support them, especially when they are promoting sustainability in the environment.

Let me know what you think on the issue?

Thanks for reading!!!

xoxo Faraji

Why Can’t I find the Blue Bin?: Recycling


So this is a major issue to me, and always has been since I was younger, so much that I would send letters to the mayor when I was little. I just have always had a soft spot for the environment and probably always will. Anyways something that I had notice to encourage me to send those letters when I was younger is because I am a HUGE advocate for recycling, and when I wanted to recycle in my own neighborhood I couldn’t unless I had my own bag and brought it to the nearby recycling facility. Which I was fine with until I notice when I would go in other neighborhoods, those where there were more wealthier people; they had a garbage bin as well as a blue recycling bin. This had me question a lot of things and was very curious. Why were some people able to recycle so much more easily then others? Why can’t everyone have the option to recycle as well, we all live on the same planet, and use the same everyday materials? So I didn’t see the connection and wanted to see a change. But of course at my age many people wouldn’t listen to me. But that didn’t stop me, as I got older I joined the conservation club, planted things around the city as well as helped clean the city. I felt as if it was my duty in addition to everyone else is we make a mess then we need to clean it. But not everyone thinks a long those lines and I wish they did, before it becomes too late. Even to this day I continue to me an advocate for then environment and encourage others to do the same. We should all be encouraging each other, and it could simply begin with everyone having the option to recycle or not, because how are we going to make a change if we all don’t work together?

Thank for reading

xoxo Faraji

No one left behind?: Cutting off your EX

So this is a bit of a touchy subject, so for some time I have always thought that if you date someone, or had feelings for someone once upon a time, then it was okay for you guys to be friends, only if the both of you are cool with it. I have notice that many of my friends are against the idea of having anything to do with your ex, which I think is reasonable as they have their reasons, but I don’t think its always good to shut people out of your life.

My perspective on the manner is that everyone comes into your life for a reason or another. So yeah it is going to suck when you two people break up or if the person you like ends up not feeling the same way about you, but I feel like that’s not a reason to say hey, I’m going to completely erase you out of my life. Maybe a romantic relationship isn’t the best for the two of you, but a simple friendship, you have all of these great memories with this person, so why not continue it, if they make you happy? Currently I had no hard feelings against my exs, or people I’ve once had feelings for, I think everything happens for a reason, and if you want to still be friends, not right away of course but after some time down the line, then sure. But that is just my opinion on the manner, and everyone thinks differently about it and I find it quite interesting, and would love to know what you guys think about it? Thanks so much for reading!


xoxo Faraji