Hairfinity Review!

Hey Hey! So last summer, I cut my hair pretty short, and nearly freaked out because I’ve never cut my hair so short, it was in a pixie ish cut. But I learned to like it and live with it lol. But I wanted to grow my hair out happy and healthy, like anyone else wants to! But it is a lot of work. And it has almost been a year will be this coming August and I would say it grown quite a bit, but not as much as I would like. But a few month ago, probably in January or February my mom sent me a bottle of hair infinity (and a new hair dryer yay) and I was a bit excited to try them, because I had heard a lot about them on social media, especially pinterest. So I have been taking them pretty consistently for about 3 months and I do like the results I am seeing. My hair does seem stronger, and grow a little but faster, nothing crazy. But I have noticed some significant differences in the growth and strength in my nails. I’ve never really had a problem growing my nails; it was always maintaining them so that they don’t break. Ever since then my nails have been stronger and longer then ever! So far I am liking the results I am getting from taking them, may do an update with I finish the bottle or end up seeing other results. Hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks


Xoxo Faraji


Pinterest Fashion Inspiration

Morning When I have no Idea what to wear, I go to pinterest! I got the idea from an old roommate, because that is where a lot of her inspiration came from. I encourage you to do it as well! If you like theses fashion inspirations let me know! I’ve been thinking about creating different lookbooks! Hope you enjoy

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Beauty Tips That You Should Incorporate into Your Everyday Routine

  1. Vaseline On Eyelashes Every Night
    1. You do your makeup nearly every morning and you want to wash it all at night, well vaseline can be a miracle workers. At night after washing off all of your makeup take a dab of vaseline and rub them on the base of your eyelashes every night, not only does it take off the access mascara and eyeliner but will also condition your eyelashes making them conditioned and helping them to grow! I know I couldn’t believe it either when I started. So don’t waste your money on eyelash serums and makeup wipes and opt in for inexpensive vaseline that you can not only use for your lashes health but for many other things as well.
  2. Use Cold Water When Rinsing Conditioner From Your Hair
    1. Every time when you jump into the shower and you wash your hair, don’t wash it on hot water, but instead use lukewarm water, it is more gentle on your hair and helps retain moisture, but when your done shampooing and use condition, leave it on for about 3-6 minutes and rinse your hair in cold water. This will not only help seal the follicle but also retain moisture. The hot helps open up the pores and helps cleans out the dirt and glob and the cold closes everything up to retain all of your oils from your shampoo and conditioner. I like to do this step very last while in the shower, so I don’t have to shower in cold water!
  3. Use Olive Oil For Cuticles
    1. Want to soften your cuticle and help rejuvenate your nails without going to the nail salon or going out to buy nail oils? Well you can look in your pantry and find olive oil you have your solution. Put a little bit on your finger and massage the oil into your cuticle and/or nail, and this will help soften your cuticle make them easier to clean and push back. Who doesn’t want healthy nails on a budget??

Hope that these tips come in handy!! And be on the lookout for others!