Top Cruelty Free Pallettes

Hey my awesome readers, I how you’re having a great weekend. So todays entry is all about make up, and some of my top favorite palettes that I can’t be without. These are all cruelty free options from brands I adore! I am a huge fan of a palette and sometimes have to hold myself […]

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Not Worth The Hype

Today I’m going to be talking about makeup that I bought because everyone said they were awesome, but they ended up not being so awesome. These are things that got tons of hype when they were released, but I wasn’t too impressed when I actually tried them. (Of course these are all just my personal […]

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5 Pieces Every Girl Should Have this Winter — Mawadda Tak

Since Winter is around the corner, it’s time for us to talk fashion, don’t you think? 5 pieces every girl should have this Winter in her closet, for breathtaking street style looks! Scarfs are super stylish and they are never out […]

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Even Though It’s Over For You, It’s Not Over For Me — Thought Catalog

Unsplash, Everton VilaEven though it’s over, I can still feel you here. When I close my eyes at night I can still feel your hands interlaced with mine and I swear I can feel your arms around me. I can still smell you in the air and I can still feel your heart beating. Even though it’s over, I…

It’s not what I usually post, but definitely think many can relate, especially those going through a rough break up. Everyone goes through break ups a bit differently and some take it harder then others That’s why I think I can relate so much I hate getting attach to someone and then have to let them go. Definitely a good read.

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Fall lipsticks 💄 — Cake Me Up 💄

Good morning gorgous 😊 So today I have decided to share with you all some of my favorite lipsticks for the fall . I think dark lipsticks are absolutely great for the fall . Especially MAC lipsticks at that . I am obsessed with them 🙋 but who isnt . Starting from the left I […]

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5 Tips For Shopping

  1. High End

Now we all know that brand names can be very expensive and out of the price range for many. Especially college students like myself. But when I am shopping at the mall, that doesn’t stop me from going into some of my favorite brand names stores. I thought I’d share with you a more recent experience. So I needed some new jeans, just because it was time for some new ones. So I went to the store most women my age go for some new jeans, Pacsun, Hollister, and American Eagle. All of which are some of my favorite places to shop but decided against buying jeans from them this time. So Finally before leaving I went into BeBe, one of my favorite brand name stores. Just my luck they were having a sale on jeans at 50%, so I was able to buy a pair of pants for the same price I was planning to pay for a pair of American Eagle. Which of course is preferred especially when you are talking about longevity and quality. To make a long story short, don’t be afraid to walk into some of your high end stores, because you may just find a fabulous deal.



  1. You don’t always need a Partner

I know we always tend to go shopping with someone, but I don’t always like it. Just for the simple fact sometimes I feel rushed, or if the person doesn’t like the stores that I enjoy shopping at, then I can be more “free” just to take my time going through stores and going to all of the places I enjoy going to. So occasionally I like to go shopping by myself, just because I can be able to take my time look around well.


  1. Try It On

I need to follow this advice more when I go shopping, as I am not a big fan of going in the dressing room to try on an outfit. Which has resulted in me buying something and it not fitting well or looking how I want it to when I get home. Save yourself the time and trip and try on whatever you are going to buy to make sure it looks good


  1. Keep An Open Mind

This is something I have more recently started doing, instead of going for styles or makeup colors I would normally get or makeup colors I have tried venturing from that. With wonderful result as well, being able to open yourself to new styles can open up variety and you can discover something that looks great that you would have never tried otherwise. So when I go shopping I try to pick up things that I have never worn before to see if I would like it or not.

  1. Coupons!

Nearly every time I go into the mall or a specific store, I check to see if they have any sales going on or if they have special coupons online. I create app that I use is called shopular, you can add most the store that you enjoy shopping at. One things that is helpful is that it sends you notifications only when you are near the store, if that store has a sale or coupons. So this helps save some dinero especially when shopping on a budget.


I hope that you enjoyed my article, so I haven’t posted in so long! Many new articles are in the works! Let me know some of your favorite stores or any shopping tips you may have!

xoxo Faraji

Alice In Wonderland

Hey Hey My lovelies,

So I’ve decided that every once in awhile I am going to share some of my photo from shoots that I go on and talk about my experience and journey as an aspiring young model.

It’s something that I am absolutely in love with and would love to share it with you guys. Now, my last shoot was tons of fun! And something that I hadn’t done before. The theme of the shoot was an “Alice in Wonderland” themed shoot. Which I was excited about since I had that inspiration. Would love to hear you guys feedback on wether or not you would like to hear about my experiences and how you think my photos come out!


The shoot took place on a hiking trail in a “forest”, not quite sure what to call it for sure as hiking and being in the set up is not something that I was too familiar with. Also to mention it was about 90 degrees and bugs are 10x worst when you’re in the trees “hiking, but I sucked it up for the photos. Which came out way better then expected.

I am going to keep it short and sweet, again I would love to hear everyone’s feedback on what they think!!

xoxo Faraji