Girl Code: Sistas Before Mistas


I know this a bit different then what I normally write about, but I was inspired recently! I was out having fun with some of my girlfriends and guys keep trying to “talk” to us, then I came up with an idea to write about some basic girl codes, nearly all girlfriends have!

  1. Please don’t leave me alone!
    1. This is what I think is creepy, lol we come out to have a good time with each other! so no girl is left behind!! If so who know who is going to talk to them and and try to hit on them, with no not to rescue them! Also theres always the chance of getting separated!!
  2. Be Honest
    1. We have have our group/single girlfriends(boyfriends) that we trust and share everything with, that’s why we’re friends duh. But if my hairs messed up, food in my teeth, or if you think my shirt is on inside out, please let me know. We’re all here to depend on each other and look out for each other
  3. Creepy Guys are a No Go!
    1. If you see a guy is trying to talk to me/ hit on me and I give you “the look” Im asking you to come to the rescue!! Pull me away or something! I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me! 90% of the time my girlfriends have gotten the hit and came to pull me away from the guy, but very few times I tried my best to turn the guy down, which I am very bad at!!
  4. Girls Night Are A Must
    1. every now and then you need a break from school, work, your boyfriend or husband, and hanging out with the ladies are always a good time and a stress reliever, and helps you talk about situations you’ve got going on, or just someone there to hear you out. If you and your girlfriends don’t have a girls night out I would highly suggest it! It’s always the best!!

Thats just a few girl codes that I have with my girlfriends, definitely not what everyone does, but I suggest it! And I love sharing! If you like post along these lines(lifestyle type). Please let me know and I’ll do more in the future! Thanks for Reading

xoxo Faraji