10 Important Questions to Always ask your Hair Stylist

Now that it’s officially a new season, it’s time to revamp your hair & before your next appointment, it’s important to be prepared with questions so that you make the most out of your salon visit. We have expert tips on what to ask & you have to find out what they are!

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Beauty Tips: Hair Care Edition

  1. In the Shower: Condition Ends and Comb through
    1. Now I am sure most of you know, when you shampoo your hair conditioner is just as important. When you condition, it best to start at the ends and work your way up the shaft, so that your scalp doesn’t become too greasy. After you distributed the conditioner through your hair try to leave it on for about 3-5 mins. I like to wash my hair first so that the conditioner can stay on as long as possible. Then just before rinsing it out, take  wide tooth comb and gently comb through your hair to take out any tangles, so when you get out you’ll have little to no tangles!!
    2. Patting is Key
      1. When you get out of the shower most of us rub out hair and skin dry. But this is no bueno. It is best to pat your hair dry and squeeze out excess water and live your hair to air dry(until you blow dry or not). Now that your hair is done, you can pat down the rest of your body. This helps retain moisture and keeps your skin from drying out!
    3. Leave in Products
      1. Right after I dry off from the shower I like to put leave in conditioner all throughout my hair and a bit of oil, usually moroccan, or any other kind of hair oil to your liking. Then I like to let that soak in until i’m ready to blow dry! Also don’t forget to use a heat protectant when flat ironing or blow dry!. My favorite I always use is by tresemme!
    4. Sleeping!
      1. When going to sleep I know for many of us, hair can get tangled, damaged, and even break off. Some solutions to this is that after you finish styling your hair after showering, or if you just wanna air try, I say try some protective hair styles to sleep in. Such as braids! Braids are so helpful in keeping your hair in place and from getting tangled and you wake up with such pretty waves! Another solution is buying a silk pillow or silk hair bonnet. Silk helps to keep the hair form rubbing together and rubbing against any rough surface causing bad friction. I’ve tried all three and it has been super helpful.

Disclaimer: I know these tips may not work for everyone, but just thought I’d share some tips that I find helpful!