10 Important Questions to Always ask your Hair Stylist

Now that it’s officially a new season, it’s time to revamp your hair & before your next appointment, it’s important to be prepared with questions so that you make the most out of your salon visit. We have expert tips on what to ask & you have to find out what they are!

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Beauty Blogger Tag(YAY)

So I have recently got tagged by  BeautyByReeva who has a very lovely blog, I would suggest going to check her out since she is just starting up as well. And would love to thank her (thanks!)

Some Rules (of course)

Tag the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the questions.

Come up with questions of your own.

Nominate other bloggers and don’t forget to tell them.

Well Lets get started!!

-Why did you start your blog?

Well I started my blog because I have a deep passion for beauty, fashion, and the business world. I wanted to share what I know and discover others that have the same passion as I do. Which is always fun and such a learning experience.

-Fav makeup and fashion item?

Favorite makeup item would be mascara or eye liner, can’t make a choice. Every time I do my makeup 9/10 I have on either mascara, eyeliner, or both. As for fashion item, is something high waisted, either pants or shorts. It is so versatile and easy to pair with other items.

-Fav celebrity?

No brainer, Taylor Swift of course. (I actually have a post about one of her quotes)

-What do you enjoy doing when relaxing or having time to chill?

While relaxing I enjoy listening to music and discovering new songs, or binge watching on hulu or netflix ( currently obsessed with Sleepy Hollow)

-On a night out, heels or flats?

Depends, since I’m a bit taller I typically go for flats, but for special occasions I bring out the heels.

-If you had the opportunity to see what your life would be like for the next 2 years and couldn’t change it, would you still want to know what’s going to happen?

I probably wouldn’t want to know, I love the mystery and spontaneous things in life, and would prefer not to know things in the future.

-Your best friend tells you a lie, and you know what the truth is, would you call him or her out on it or let it slide?

No, I would definitely call them out and find out why they lied.

-Jeans or dress?

A Dress of course

-Long walks on the beach or rollercoaster rides?

Probably long walks on the beach, a bit more relaxing then a rollercoaster rides.

-Fav snack?

Sweet Potatoes Chip for the win.

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  3. Who is your role Model?
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9 NEW BEAUTY HACKS | Laura Rebecca Jonas — It’s Laura Rebecca Jonas

Hello my loves, first of all thank you soo, sooo much for supporting my last video ‘ Spring Make up’ it got over 1k views it totally blew me away if you missed it click here. I love seeing new beauty hacks and I thought I will show you my 9 favorite beauty hacks…and yes […]

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In Love With Redken!

Hello my lovelies 🙂

So today I am going to talking about a few products that I have been trying out for a few months, and have fallen in love with them. Now I cut my hair almost a year ago now very short, and am trying to grow it back out happy and healthy, and it is still pretty short but my hair is a lot stronger and healthier I believe due to the the help of RedKen!


RedKenSoft Conditioner


So Redken has just came out with a new line of products, and they all follow a theme of Soft, to help keep your hair soft and healthy. So I thought that I would give it a shoot, especially since I am always in the market for a new conditioner. I could say that it is one of my favorite conditioners as the moment. The softness doesn’t just last when I rinse out the product and step out of the shower, but for the next few days I still feel that difference in my hair. Which is Pretty awesome I must say and I would recommend going to check it out if you are looking for a new conditioner. So next time I do go to Ulta, I would be more curious to try out their other products from the Soft line.


Redken Leave in Conditioner: extreme antisnap



This product has become a stable in my hair routine( which I should post about soon!) I shortly began using this when I cut my hair and immediately felt a difference. It made my hair feel stronger and healthier, I believe that there is a good dose of protein as well to help make your hair stronger. Short story, I was traveling back from Chicago to Austin and forgot that I had my leave in conditioner in my carry on, and unfortunately had to throw it away. So I was without the conditioner for about and week and my hair felt more dry then usual. So I HAD to go to Ulta to buy a new bottle. So I am super grateful my hair stylist recommended this leave in for me. So if your hair is weak, and/or you’re looking for a product to make your hair stronger and healthier. I definitely recommend this product!


RedKen Protein wash-out Conditioner


This product I simply stubbled upon, I was buying some new products from Ulta and was having a buy 2 Redken products and get one free, I couldn’t pass it up and saw that they had another protein based product and decided to try it out. It is something I haven’t had before. So you wash your hair and I spray it on before I put on my conditioner and then ill wash both the “leave in” and conditioner out at the same time. It is supposed to give you an extra boost of protein. I haven’t seen much changes to my hair since. Maybe I need to try it out for a few more month? But it is an interesting product.

But let me know if you have tried any of these products! If so, are you in love with them just as much as I am or a different experience?

Thanks so much for reading!!

xoxo Faraji






Hairfinity Review!

Hey Hey! So last summer, I cut my hair pretty short, and nearly freaked out because I’ve never cut my hair so short, it was in a pixie ish cut. But I learned to like it and live with it lol. But I wanted to grow my hair out happy and healthy, like anyone else wants to! But it is a lot of work. And it has almost been a year will be this coming August and I would say it grown quite a bit, but not as much as I would like. But a few month ago, probably in January or February my mom sent me a bottle of hair infinity (and a new hair dryer yay) and I was a bit excited to try them, because I had heard a lot about them on social media, especially pinterest. So I have been taking them pretty consistently for about 3 months and I do like the results I am seeing. My hair does seem stronger, and grow a little but faster, nothing crazy. But I have noticed some significant differences in the growth and strength in my nails. I’ve never really had a problem growing my nails; it was always maintaining them so that they don’t break. Ever since then my nails have been stronger and longer then ever! So far I am liking the results I am getting from taking them, may do an update with I finish the bottle or end up seeing other results. Hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks


Xoxo Faraji

My 5 Beauty Essentials!

Now I know we all have some products we CAN NOT live without. So I thought I’d share some of my most stable products that I always have in my make set or in my bathroom. Hope you enjoy!!




#1 BubbleGum Lip Scrub by Lush


So my lips tend to get dry especially when it gets cold outside! I love using this lip scrub and then putting some lip balm, then putting lipstick or lip gloss or just rocking the lip balm. The lip scrub comes in a bunch of yummy flavors that you can lick off after, or what I like to do sometimes is putting warm on my lips after scrubbing and that helps to lock in some moisture as well!

#2 Sephora  Classic Eyeliner


Now I have tried A lot of eyeliners and this is probably one of my favorites. I always get a nice black line and don’t have to go over it many times or not at all. As well as it gives me a lot of control, it is a stiff tip and not flimsy like some other eyeliners, and I would say last a pretty decent amount of time. The one I have now is from December and I am just about to go buy another one! So I would totally recommend it!


#3 Nivea Cocoa Butter Lotion


As you all know, we are just getting over winter(some of us still experiencing it). But I moisture every time I get out of the shower, sometimes even twice a day! But I always need a good lotion, and Nivea has always been pretty good when it comes to lotion. You don’t have to put a lot, doesn’t make you feel greasy at all, Which I absolutely hate feeling oily and icky. But its not expensive at all, lasts a while since you don’t have to put too much on. So I would say go to Target and get a bottle!

#4 Victoria’s Secret- Secret Escape Body Mist


Now I haven’t tried a bunch of body mists and perfumes from Victoria secret, but I’ve smelled many lol. But this is my fave! It was actually a gift from my grandma, and she made a pretty awesome choice. I sprayed right after the shower or right before I head out of the door somewhere. It doesn’t last that long because it is a mist, but I love the scent, and would recommend it!


#5 Maybelline- Mega Plush Mascara



Last, but not least, is the Mega Plush Mascara, I know that it is an older mascara, and you may have forgotten all about it, but I love this mascara, I think it’s probably the Brush that does it for me, and when it dries, it doesn’t dry flaky and hard like some other mascaras. It isn’t my absolute favorite, but I love pairing this one up with other mascaras or just wearing it by itself when I don’t want to wear too much makeup. If you’re looking to try a inexpensive mascara, I would recommend this one.

Beauty Tips: Hair Care Edition

  1. In the Shower: Condition Ends and Comb through
    1. Now I am sure most of you know, when you shampoo your hair conditioner is just as important. When you condition, it best to start at the ends and work your way up the shaft, so that your scalp doesn’t become too greasy. After you distributed the conditioner through your hair try to leave it on for about 3-5 mins. I like to wash my hair first so that the conditioner can stay on as long as possible. Then just before rinsing it out, take  wide tooth comb and gently comb through your hair to take out any tangles, so when you get out you’ll have little to no tangles!!
    2. Patting is Key
      1. When you get out of the shower most of us rub out hair and skin dry. But this is no bueno. It is best to pat your hair dry and squeeze out excess water and live your hair to air dry(until you blow dry or not). Now that your hair is done, you can pat down the rest of your body. This helps retain moisture and keeps your skin from drying out!
    3. Leave in Products
      1. Right after I dry off from the shower I like to put leave in conditioner all throughout my hair and a bit of oil, usually moroccan, or any other kind of hair oil to your liking. Then I like to let that soak in until i’m ready to blow dry! Also don’t forget to use a heat protectant when flat ironing or blow dry!. My favorite I always use is by tresemme!
    4. Sleeping!
      1. When going to sleep I know for many of us, hair can get tangled, damaged, and even break off. Some solutions to this is that after you finish styling your hair after showering, or if you just wanna air try, I say try some protective hair styles to sleep in. Such as braids! Braids are so helpful in keeping your hair in place and from getting tangled and you wake up with such pretty waves! Another solution is buying a silk pillow or silk hair bonnet. Silk helps to keep the hair form rubbing together and rubbing against any rough surface causing bad friction. I’ve tried all three and it has been super helpful.

Disclaimer: I know these tips may not work for everyone, but just thought I’d share some tips that I find helpful!