Treat Yo Self ( Seriously)

Each person has there own hectic busy lives, from Moms, Students, Full-time workers, and everyone in between.  Most of the times we get so consumed by our schedules that we don’t take time for ourselves to rejuvenate and de-stress. Myself I forget this all too often, being a full time student, working, and trying to do a million other things. More recently I  decided to take an evening to myself and simply take a bath and read a book by my favorite author. Which was an amazing reward! I woke up the next morning feeling refresh and rejuvenated just because I took a few hours to tend to myself. So I wanted to talk about how important is it to take care of yourself from time to time.


Baths definitely a great way to relax and reflect on your day. There’s so many varieties of bath bombs nowadays as well as you have epsoms salts that are for different relaxation properties and others. I would also suggest going the extra mile and getting some candles lit around the tub as well as putting on some relaxing music. I find that this is a great way to relax without taking a lot of time from your day.

Favorite Hobby

Maybe try and see if you can fit doing 30 mins of your favorite hobby into your week, this is a great stress release. As well as you will be doing something you enjoy, so you will not only be less stress but as well happier! See if you can try to read your favorite book for 30 mins a week, or go play a sport or anything that you enjoy doing during your free time.


This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but meditation is great for relaxing yourself and grounding yourself after a stressful week. You can meditate in a quiet place of your choice or I like to go to yoga where meditation takes place in the beginning and end of class depending on where you go. Taking about 10-15 mins just to clear your mind, take some deep breaths and think about everything you’ve done and you have to do. For me, I think it’s a great way to organize my thoughts and relax my body!

If you have any tips and tricks you have for relaxing leave them down in the comments! Thanks again for reading, until next time!

XOXO Faraji


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Someone You Love: Missing my Best Friend

So I know this isn’t related too much to business or fashion but I thought I’d share a bit of an insider about myself.

We all have that one person, we truly care about and would do anything for. Rather it be our brother, mother, boyfriend or best friend. To me I am lucky enough to have many special people in my life, but there’s one I’ve known for so long.

In the 5th grade I meet who is now my best friend to this very day! We attended elementary school together and went to separate high schools and now colleges.

But that never broke our bond and our love, When everything else fell through I always knew I could count on my best friend, and I feel like everyone deserves someone like that in their life. Someone to talk to and to always be there for them!

Sadly, she’s decided to go on a missionary and spread her love and joy! For nearly 2 years she is going to be in Paraguay. Thousands of Miles away from me, as far as we’ve ever been from one another, with very little communication. It had been hard for both of us, but I know she’s doing amazing things.

But she’ll be back in little under a year and I couldn’t be happier! It always nice having someone with you that you’ve known so long and continue to. Distance is always hard for friends, lovers, and families. But it is just an obstacle that life throws at us we just need the time and patience to get through it.


xoxo Faraji